Blue Hen Pottery

Wood-Fired Clay Pie Birds for Baking by Anne Pärtna.
Pumpkin by Anne Pärtna
Pumpkin Mugs by Anne Pärtna
A whole flock of Pie Birds singing together.

Location: 247 W Main Street, Seagrove, NC 27341

Shop Hours: By Appointment or when OPEN sign is out

Contact:, 336-653-9551

Shop Online at or visit

Special Events:

October 2nd, 10AM to 5PM | Pottery Pumpkin Patch

Blue Hen Pottery joins in on the American pumpkin madness for the first time with this inaugural Potters Pumpkin Patch kick off event. Come browse our wood fired pumpkins and gourds, fall themed serving dishes, signature pie birds and bee pottery and sample treats that taste like fall by yours truly.

October 9 at 10am Select pumpkins and other fall themed items go live on our ETSY shop. Our shop in Seagrove will also be open.

About Blue Hen Pottery

Blue Hen Pottery is a partnership of Anne Pärtna and Adam Landman. 

Anne grew up in Estonia, where people used to not eat pumpkins very much, only as a relish type side dish with your potatoes and pork roast during Christmas. Living in America has taught her many interesting things and she has since become passionate about pumpkins and winter squashes as near perfect food – easy to grow, stores for a long time and can be roasted, made into soups, stews and curries and baked into many delicious sweet treats. What’s not to like? The shapes alone are a feast to a potter’s eye. Anne makes both sculpture and tableware and has become obsessed with bees.

Adam Landman will happily eat anything that has pumpkin written all over it. He is the technical assistance, the wood prep coordinator and chainsaw chief, the sounding board and sanity support of this enterprise. Occasionally he rekindles his love-hate relationship with art and spends a few hours in the studio, resulting in rustic, manly pots. 

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