The Triangle Studio

Kate Waltman and Erin Younge Outside their Shop.
Assorted Gourds by Kate Waltman and Erin Younge
Wood-Fired Gourd by Erin Younge

Location: 1140 NC Hwy 705, Seagrove NC 27341

Shop Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10AM-4PM and Saturdays 10AM to 5PM

Contact Info:, 336-267-1545

Shop Online at The Triangle Studio Etsy Shop or find the link on our website at

Special Events:

October 2nd, 10AM to 5PM | Gourd Garden Event

Opening weekend of our Gourd Garden Event. We will have demonstrations by Kate Waltman on her decorative carving techniques and Erin Younge will show how to pull her elaborate gourd stems. Enjoy the light fall themed refreshments provided.

October 9th, 10AM | Gourd Garden and Gourds Go Online!

For those able to come to Seagrove we will have another weekend of demonstrations and for long distance shoppers we will put gourds online. View a selection of our signature wood-fired and crystalline glazed gourds and new baking casseroles and storage jars by Kate Waltman starting Saturday morning at 10am when they go live!

Medium Counter Jar by Kate Waltman
Crystalline Gourds by Erin Younge
About The Triangle Studio

This shop will be hosting their first ever Gourd Garden Event during the weekends of October. Crystalline and wood-fired gourds made by both artists will be available for purchase.

The Triangle Studio features pottery by the co-founders, Kate Waltman and Erin Younge, as well as guest ceramic artists Bill Jones, Andrew Dutcher, and Margaret Larson. All of our members have shared studio space and fired wood kilns together for several years making us a collaborative group created by fire. Our artists make a wide variety of work including dinnerware, bakeware, storage vessels, decorative vases, sculptures, big pots, and a new line of jewelry.

Casserole by Kate Waltman
Storage Cannister by Kate Waltman
Wood-Fired Gourd by Erin Younge

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